Raoul Middleman
Contemporary American Painter

Raoul Middlem Drawing On Dreams

Raoul Middleman - Drawing On Dreams

Raoul Middleman Art Studio and The Ink Spot Press LTD
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Raoul Middleman is known for his expressive painterly landscapes, cityscapes, still lifes, and narratives. His paintings can be foun d in private and public collections, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art; National Gallery of Art; Baltimore Museum of Art; Corcoran Gallery of Art; National Academy of Design; Johns Hopkins Hospital; New York Public Library; and Syracuse University. He is internationally collected in Italy, France, Germany and Scotland.

Raoul Middleman is currently a painting teacher at the Maryland Institute College of Art , beginning in 1961, and was the Painting Department Chair from 1974-1978.

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Huffington Post Review

Raoul Middleman must be Baltimore's biggest artistic champion since John Waters - wait, Middleman's been at it longer, painting his native city and its colorful denizens in a homegrown expressionist manner for upwards of half a century. Middleman's manner finds the middle ground between Oskar Kokoschka and Alice Neel, so you can imagine how he does faces and bodies and even clothing, how uncomfortable his sitters sit but how comfortable they seem in their skin.

For at least half his career Middleman has taken great delight in rendering various female friends and acquaintances in provocative, often risqué poses and garb (if not situations). Some are as floozed-out in real life as they are on canvas, but the bulk, apparently, are just bohemian belles getting a little raunch on for uncle Raoul. I mean, look what they do for Waters.
By Peter Frank

Raoul Interview

Raoul Middleman Horse drawings gallery

Two part interview with and Raoul overlapping the UMBC retrospective, featuring Ruth Channing Middleman, March 2015.
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